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Far West will be hosting the Midnight Marathon overnight at HAMAKOM in LA from December 2nd-3rd.  The event is open to all 6th-12th graders. 


Where is the Midnight Marathon and when does it start/end?

The Midnight Marathon will be held in Los Angeles at HAMAKOM. The overnight will start at 6:30pm on Saturday, December 2nd and end at 9AM on Sunday, December 3rd.

What if I am outside of Los Angeles

Talk to your chapter advisor to discuss any transportation plans

Where will I stay at the event?

This event is an all night stay at HAMAKOM.  Participants should bring sleeping bags, pillows and anything else needed to stay overnight in the synagogue.

What will we do at the event?

The event is going to be packed full of all kinds of activities.  We will also have various surprises throughout the night.  Dinner Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday are both included in the price as well as snacks all night long.

For any questions related to the weekend, please contact

Ari Kornreich,

Marc Sender,

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